Random Texts


So if a Canadian Walrus and an Irish Walrus got in a fight, who would win?…


I know! Me too! You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.


Amen fat jesus!


I think I got some lasagna on Harry Potter.


Yeah! I’ll be there like pants on a mannequin!


Change the channel to 36 please?


?? The remotes right there


It’s closer to you




Ima prolly go buy hungry hungry hippos soon cause I can’t find mine.


QUICK! What’s the capital of Poland from 1038 til 1596???




How the HECK did you know that?


Calvin and Hobbes.


Of course.


Wtf?! When did that windmill get there?


I am texting you from a merry go round. Jealous?




You know youre bored when you spend your time making faces at your cat. *facepalm*

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